Shun Premier 6 Piece Knife Kanso Block Set


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We call it the Shun Premier 6-Piece Basic Block Set because it includes all the basic pieces of kitchen cutlery in one beautiful Kanso block. In addition to important pieces like the Shun Premier Paring, Utility, Santoku and Chef Knives, the set also includes the handy Shears. This fundamental set comes in its own laminated Kanso block with extra open slots so you can continue to expand your Shun Premier collection.

This beautiful set provides kitchen essentials that make cooking a pleasure

Set includes:

  • 10cm Paring Knife TDM0700
  • 16.5cm  Utility Knife TDM0701
  • 17.8cm Santoku Knife TDM0702
  • 20cm Chef’s Knife TDM0706
  • Shears 1120M
  • 8 Slot Kanso Block (made in China)

Please see individual components for detailed information



These Knives are NOT designed to be used on bone or very thick-skinned vegetables.

Hand wash only (no dishwasher) and dry immediately after use.

Shun Knives have a limited lifetime warranty (Please see Support on home page for all information).