Wasp XO Pro Ultra Light Aluminium EDC Slingshot – Red


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What’s Included

  • Wasp XO Aluminum Frame Red x 1
  •  XO Aluminum Band Clamps x 1
  • Draw string bag x 1
  • 18/12 OTT .60 BLACK Snipersling Band Set x 1

The New Wasp XO Pro EDC Slingshot with Dedicated Aluminum Pro XO Clamps.

Can be used to shoot OTT or TTF, Fully CNC Machined from Aluminium

“Ultra-Light EDC pocket Slingshot” light weight , compact, minimalistic, comfortable textured anodised.

Designed as a Brace Grip / Thumb support Type Frame 20mm wide fork tips.

It’s an Exoskeleton frame , can be used OTT or TTF.


XO Logo Faces the Shooter

87mm wide

20 mm fork tips

126mm o/a length.

Ideal for your favourite 550 paracord wrap too, Though arguably too nice to cover up.