Wasp Slingshots – Special Ops Camo IMP


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What’s Included

  • Wasp IMP Special Ops Camo Spray Printed Frame x 1
  • Black IMP Band Clamp Set x 1
  • 17-11 OTT .50 Smipersling Band Set x 1

Our Latest Addition to the Polycarbonate Range of Slingshots, The Ultimate small Compact Pocket BB Shooter, that slips easily into any pocket, no excuse not to always have one with you.!

Holds Perfectly using a brace grip, the pinky hole aids stability and enhances comfort.


Wasp Logo Badge faces the Shooter

75mm Wide

19mm Fork Tips

37 mm wide Fork Gap

98mm o/a Length

12mm Thick

Shallow Concave radius on fork ends

19.5mm Pinky Hole

Wrap and Tuck Band Grooves and Imp Band Clamp Compatible

Only IMP Band Clamps fit this Slingshot