TIBUTTON® TITANIUM SINGLE LOCK – Parker Full Spiral Flute RH SL Tumbled


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NTI’s TiButton® Single Lock is the world’s first mechanism adding a button to your clicky style pen!
This is our newest design to our award winning ballpoint ink pen line. All of our pens are completely machined and built in house, including the mechanism. The TiButton® was created and mastered over a two year period. In that time, we manufactured four variations of the TiButton® mechanism; Right or Left Handed and Single or Double Locking, allowing you to choose the pen that is perfect for you!
The TiButton® Right Hand Single Lock has the button on the right side of the pocket clip and the button has to be pushed in for the ink to retract. The single lock version was created for people that like our TiClicker® model but want more security knowing the ink is retracted. To extend the ink you push the mechanism down just like our TiClicker®. The spring inside allows you to hear the retraction with the same smooth feel you have come to love and expect from NTI.


Titanium G2 Mini: Diameter: 7/16″ Length: 4-1/4″ Weight: 28 Grams
Titanium Parker: Diameter: 7/16″ Length: 5″ Weight: 32 Grams
Titanium G2 Full Size: Diameter: 7/16″ Length: 5-1/2″ Weight: 35 Grams