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Each Scout LT Pro slingshot comes in its own neoprene pouch for safekeeping, two band sets, a lanyard, FlipClip X, and additional thumb screws because they look awesome and are easy to use!

What’s included

  • Scout LT PRO Slingshot
  • FlipClip X
  • Scout LT Thumb Screws
  • 3/8 Steel Ammo (20ct)
  • 3/8” Bandset
  • Clay Ammo (20ct)
  • Clay Ammo Bandset
  • Paracord Lanyard
  • PRO DogTag
  • FREE Neoprene pouch

Made from high-quality aluminum and hard anodized into gorgeous finishes, this is one beautiful slingshot.

It’s not for everyone, we know. But it might be for you if:

  • You like a heavier slingshot frame.
  • You appreciate a beautiful slingshot frame.
  • You are a slingshot collector and can’t be denied this amazing slingshot.

While the Scout LT is already amazing, these Pro slingshots – crafted from aluminum by our friend Luca – take it up another notch. The fine craftsmanship and finish of these pieces are going to blow you away!


  • Weight (w/ Scales & FlipClipsX): 215 g, 7.5 oz
  • Overall Length: 130 mm, 5 in
  • Width (outside forks): 92 mm, 3 ½ in
  • Fork Gap (inside forks): 50 mm, 2 in
  • Handle Thickness: 30 mm, 1 ¼ in