Spartan KA-BAR Magnacut Black/Black – Leather Sheath Black


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In 2019 KA-Bar expanded by partnering with Spartan Blades, LLC to form Pineland Cutlery, Inc. It had been the wish of John Stitt, CEO of both KA-Bar and Pineland Cutlery, to produce a version of the venerable “KA-BAR” knife with increased edge retention, toughness, and corrosion resistance. During the period of development and research, a metallurgist named Larrin Thomas was doing his own in-depth studies on a particle metal with all the advances he had been looking for. That steel was CPM MagnaCut® and was just what this new knife required.

CPM MagnaCut® is a stainless steel manufactured by Crucible Industries, an American company renowned for its expertise in specialty steels. This very special grade has been developed specifically for the cutlery industry, and to meet the needs of the most demanding cutlers. A short time later, Spartan Blades was assigned the task of developing this knife using only the best processes. CNC Machining, deep cryogenic treating, and PVD coatings. The result? The Spartan-KA-BAR! 


Knife Name:                Spartan-KA-BAR

Designer(s):               KA-BAR Knives®

Overall Length:          12”

Blade Length:             7”

Blade Thickness:       0.165”

Blade Steel:                 CPM MagnaCut®

Blade Hardness:        61-63 HRC

Blade Style:                  Fixed, Flat Saber ground Clip Point

Coating:                        PVD – Tungsten DLC (Flat Black) or ZrN (Flat Dark Earth)

Handle Material:        Kraton G®

Butt Cap/Guard:       301 Stainless Steel, PVD – Tungsten DLC (Flat Black)

Weight:                         10.8 OZ (Knife)