Spartan George V-14 D/E – Black DLC – Green Handle – Black Kydex Sheath


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The Spartan-George V14 D/E is Spartan Blades’ first collaboration with the gifted and prolific knifemaker Les George.

Beginning with the formation of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) following the end of World War 2, D/E have come to symbolize the most elite of our military special operations units and intelligence agencies. With the Spartan-George V-14 D/E, our goal was to create a custom combat knife that improved upon a classic profile with better materials and a more thoughtful design.

The V-14 features a full-tang design combined with a 0.25 inch precision ground thickness, making for a very reliable blade. Each of these handcrafted combat knives is first hollow ground with four symmetrical bevels, then vacuum heat treated, double deep cryogenically treated and double tempered. The end result is added edge retention and toughness, thus fixing the classic durability problem that has plagued military combat D/E in the past.

In addition to an extremely high quality blade, the Spartan-Georgie V-14 combat D/E features an ergonomic and textured handle specifically designed for maximum comfort and a confident grip. This is where we opted to diverge from tradition, choosing an oblong handle with flats on each side to assist in the indexing and use of the knife during times of limited visibility. Simply put, this is a true combat D/E!


Knife Name: Spartan George V1-14 D/E
Designer: Les George
Overall Length: 11 1/2″
Blade Length: 6 3/4″
Blade Thickness: 1/4″
Blade Steel: CPM S45VN
Blade Hardness: 59-61 HRC
Blade Style: Full Tang Hollow Ground D/E
Coating: Sparta Coat – PVD – Tungsten DLC (Black)
Handle Material: 3D Contoured G10,  Green
Weight: 9.28 Oz