Shun Premier ‘Tim Malzer’s Minamo Series’ – Utility Knife 15cm

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Developed in conjunction with German chef Tim Mälzer’s idea to develop a fusion of the traditional Japanese Santoku knife and the classic European chef’s knife, Shun Premier brings you the exquisite and elegant Shun Premier Minamo collection.

The Shun Premier Minamo Utility Knife features a symmetrical shaped handle with a slight arch on its underside made from Shun’s signature PakkaWood, making it suitable and comfortable for left and right-handed users. Its forged tang also ensures a perfect balance between the blade and handle.

This blade is forged with an extremely hard VG-MAX steel (61 (±1) HRC) core and wrapped in 32 layers of Damascus steel with a high-gloss finish, then completed with a Damascus grain. The base inspiration to combine the traditional Japanese Santoku and the European chef’s knife is showcased in the blade’s rectangular form and double-edge that easily allows rocking movements and accuracy in chopping and cutting tasks.


  • VG-MAX Steel (61 (±1) HRC) core
  • 32 layers of Damascus steel
  • Black PakkaWood handle
  • Symmetrical handle with slight arch
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Suitable for left and right-handed users
  • Measures 15cm
  • Damascus grain
  • Rectangular form for easy rocking movements and accurate chopping and slicing
  • Double-edge
  • Lightweight
  • Razor sharp edge
  • Made in Japan
  • Hand wash and dry immediately after with dry cloth