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This SimpleShot Hammer XT Slingbow Head accommodates heavy single tubes for shooting arrows with slingbow, and any flat slingshot bands or looped tube bands (OTT and TTF).

What’s included

  • Hammer XT Slingbow Head
  • Circular Brush Arrow Rest
  • Hammer FlipClipX

Change from Slingshot to Slingbow with the Hammer XT Convertable Slingshot Head for Slingshot, Archery, and Bowfishing Applications!

  • Shoots projectiles with wide forktips
  • FlipClipX for the Hammer converts OTT to TTF with just a turn
  • Convert to a slingbow with two screws
  • Accommodates heavy single tubes for slingbow
  • Accommodates any flatband or looped tube bands(OTT and TTF)
  • Includes FlipClipX For Hammer
  • Accommodates simple tie-ins

Slingshot Mode  

  • Hammer XT Head- OTT or TTF, tubes or flatbands
  • FlipClipX for Hammer- Simple, secure, and quick!

Slingbow Mode

  • Hammer XT Head- shoot single tubes, looped tubes, or flatbands to get your arrows moving the way you like!
  • FlipClipX for Hammer-Simple, secure, and quick!
  • Circular Brush Arrow rest and mounting bracket hardware included for top arrow flight.


  • Fork tip width: 1-1/16″/27mm for both OTT and TTF
  • Fork Gap:  2-5/16″/59mm
  • Outside Fork width: 4-15/32″/113mm