Hinderer XM-18 3.5″ Complete Brass Hardware Kit


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This listing for the 3.5″ XM-18 folder model!
This hardware kit contains solid brass hardware.
This kit includes:
1- 3.5″ Pivot Screw
1- 3.5″ set of handle nuts
1- 3.5″ set of standoffs
1- 3.5″ set of handle screws
1- Lockbar Stabilizer
Because this hardware is in brass, it will naturally patina over time! The hardware has been bagged carefully, but may arrive with patina already starting! Again- patina will occur on this hardware over time as it is exposed to hand oils and air.
Some disassembly will be required to install this hardware onto your 3.5″ XM18 knife.
This is for the 3.5″ XM-18 folding knife!