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The Scout X Pro is the all-aluminum pro-version of our brand new Scout X Slingshot frame. If you love the Scout X for it’s versatility, and are looking for a hefty, solid, pro-frame, this might be the one!

Each Scout X Pro comes with one set of Scales & Clips in Black.

The Scout X PRO, the brand new, all-aluminum, Scout X slingshot from SimpleShot.

The Scout X Pro Slingshot is the high-quality, all-aluminum, pro-version of our brand new Scout X slingshot frame. Crafted from aluminum by our friend Luca in Vietnam – take it up another notch. The remarkable craftsmanship and finish of these slingshots are going to blow you away!

Scout X Pro Features:

  • Comes with x 2 bandsets ( bandset for clay shooting and general purpose bandset )
  • Clay ammo sample
  • 3/8″ steel ammo sample
  • Removable palm swells
  • Integrated band attachment clips
  • Recessed fasteners
  • Fiber optic sight references
  • More accommodating of pinch grip hold

Each Scout X Pro slingshot comes with: A neoprene bag for safekeeping, two 7/16″ band sets, a lanyard, pro series tag, hex keychain for band attachment.

The Scout X is reminiscent in all the best ways of the original Scout XT and entirely new with its modern styling and integrated functionality. If you are looking for the one slingshot to rule them all, the Scout X just might be the one!

Yes, all the original accessories for Scout X fit the PRO Series model. Dress up your Scout X PRO slingshot with all the colors of the original. Glow in the dark Scout X PRO?