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The NEW Stylus Revolve, designed by Mark Seljan, made by SimpleShot!

Stunningly thin, the Stylus Revolve is built to reside in a pocket or even in a belt. But perfectly designed to give a firm purchase that won’t let you down.

Similar to many other Seljan designs, the Stylus was born from a challenge. In this case, Mark had the opportunity to design a slingshot that could be manufactured using milled polycarbonate as the base material. To do so, a thin slingshot was necessary. Using his insane design skills, the Stylus emerged. Through his iterative process of design, all necessary elements were incorporated.

The Stylus will impress you with its extremely low profile for EDC and pocket-ability, and tactile references for repeatable and consistent grip.

What more could one ask for in a thin yet full size slingshot? The fit and feel is something that has to be experienced to fully understand.

If you are looking for a pocket friendly slingshot, the Stylus from Seljan by SimpleShot tics all the boxes (you can even tuck it in a belt)!

The Stylus Keeper Pro slingshot made of CNC machined aluminum and hard anodized by the same team of slingshot enthusiasts who produce our latex in China. It also sports integrated clips for the easiest band attachment possible.

Mark Seljan designed slingshots are available exclusively at SimpleShot.

What’s Included

1 Stylus Revolve Slingshot
1 Spool of band Tying Tape
2 Standard Flatbands (7/16″)
1 Paracord Lanyard
Safety/Liability Manual


Stylus Revolve Metric Standard
Weight 54 g 1.9 oz
Overall Length 131 mm 5 ¼ in
Outer Fork Width 90 mm 3 ⅝ in
Fork Gap 43 mm 1 ½ in
Frame Thickness 14 mm ½ in
Fork Width 24 mm 1 in