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The NEW Slant Roller, designed by Mark Seljan, made by SimpleShot!

The Slant has been a legendary design since Mark first introduced it to the world many years ago. With its easily recognizable Seljan styling and ultra compact size, you won’t find a better EDC slingshot for heavy bands…or light bands if that is your jam.

Designed from the beginning to be held deeply in the hand for maximum leverage the Slant is not only compact, but full size where it counts. The compound tapers emanating from the center of mass of this slingshot provide the user a balanced and intuitive grip that fits in a pocket but fills the hand. The fork tips provide a precise aiming reference without the bulk of a traditional sight.

This is one compact slingshot, packing a hefty size in a small footprint.

The Slant Press Pro slingshot is injection molded by the same team of slingshot enthusiasts who produce our latex in China. The Slant Roller includes tie-in material for your first few band attachments, since this is a wrap and tuck only frame.

Mark Seljan designed slingshots are available exclusively at SimpleShot.

What’s Included

1 Slant Roller Slingshot
1 Spool of band Tying Tape
2 Standard Flatbands (7/16″)
1 Paracord Lanyard
Safety/Liability Manual


Slant Roller Metric Standard
Weight 72 g 2.5 oz
Overall Length 105 mm 4 in
Outer Fork Width 88 mm 3 ½ in
Fork Gap 46 mm 1 ¾ in
Frame Thickness 20 mm ¾ in
Fork Width 21 mm ¾ in