Shun Pro Sho Chinese Cleaver Knife 18 cm


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One of the 7 forms of blades in this very special edition SHUN PRO SHO by Kai that combines masterfully the classic Japanese design with avant-garde details and high quality materials. The long tradition of quality of KAI products means that each knife is a unique piece.
This “TAUMA” is the handy knife very typical of the Chinese cook with its large width of blade serving as guide for thinning, cutting and chopping very quickly and without cutting off the fingers. Its wooden handle of PAKKA black, its balance in hand, the quality of the materials used and the finishing by the hand will bring an incomparable pleasure.
The hardness 61 (± 1) HRC of the steel used will ensure you an exceptional edge for a long time
The new Shun Pro Sho series by kai masterfully combines classic Japanese design with avant-garde details and high quality materials. The exceptional quality and unique look of the series are the hallmarks of the long tradition of KAI products and make each knife a unique piece. Thanks to its shape, the handle in black pakka is a real pleasure for the hand.
The blade in VG-10 receives an ornamentation from an innovative etching technology. Sharpened on one side, the knife with extraordinary cutting edge contrasts smoothly and precisely and responds fully to the demands of professionals.
The Shun Classic Pro Cleaver is the quintessential professional Japanese chef’s vegetable knife


Hand-sharpened 16° single-bevel blade
Steel: VG10
Handle: D-shaped ebony PakkaWood®
Blade length: 18cm
Beautiful graffiti-etched blades
Handcrafted in Japan

The Shun Pro Sho series focuses exclusively on single-edged and thus traditional Japanese blade shapes. Thanks to an extremely high standard of manufacture and material properties, the series is particularly suitable for continuous professional use. The elegant design of the knife combines classic Japanese styling with contemporary features in a masterly fashion. A visual highlight of the knives, they are elaborately decorated with an ornamental pattern in an innovative manufacturing process. The black pakkawood handle, with its simple, elegant D shape, as in the Shun Classic series, is in marked functional contrast to the opulent blade pattern.