Shun Classic Pro 26.7cm Yanagiba


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The Shun Classic Pro 10.5-in. Yanagiba is our longest single-bevel Japanese slicing knife. “Yanagiba” means simply “willow blade” for the yanagiba’s long, slender blade resembles the long, narrow leaves of a willow.
To use the Shun Classic Yanagiba, gently pull it through the food using just the weight of the blade itself to do the cutting. The incredible sharpness of the blade reduces loss of the natural juices and creates the cleanest cuts imaginable. The yanagiba is most often used for slicing raw fish for sashimi and for slicing sushi rolls, yet it is also perfect for preparing meats, for example, making butterfly pork chops. Like all traditional yanagibas, the Shun Classic Pro 10.5-in. Yanagiba has a razor-sharp, single-bevel blade and hollow-ground back.
The Shun Classic Pro 10.5-in. Yanagiba is part of the Shun Classic Pro line of traditional Japanese blade shapes. Because nothing compares to the scalpel-like precision of a single-bevel, the Shun Classic Pro line features single-bevel blades in pure VG10 stainless steel with sharp chisel edges and comfortable D-shaped PakkaWood handles. With their dramatic, graffiti-etched blades, these knives are visually striking as well. The etched design on the blade—different for each blade style—is similar to etching found on custom Japanese knives and used to identify the blade’s maker. Blade backs are gently hollow ground, creating a tiny air pocket between blade and food so the knife glides through each task with quick precision. Sharpening on a whetstone is practically effortless.


The Shun Classic Pro 10.5-in. Yanagiba is the largest of our traditional Japanese slicing knives and is ideal for slicing raw fish and meats
Hand-sharpened 16° single-bevel blade
Steel: VG10
Handle: D-shaped ebony PakkaWood®
Blade length: 10.5 in. (26.7 cm)
Beautiful graffiti-etched blades
Handcrafted in Japan