Kershaw Knife Oil KEROIL

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Kershaw Knife Oil is engineered to protect and enhance your knife’s folding mechanism.

Knife Oil
Your Kershaw is a well-oiled machine. Make sure it stays that way.

Wipe away debris and, if needed, wash with a mild detergent. Dry thoroughly. You may wish to use compressed air and/or a cotton swab to dry hard-to-reach parts.

Shake oil well before using. Put a drop of oil on all moving parts. You should be able to access the pivot, detent ball, and detent hole without taking the knife apart. Work the oil in by opening and closing the blade. Wipe away any excess oil. Apply a light coating of oil to the blade before storing.

Kershaw Knife Oil is non-toxic, but consuming oil is not recommended.
Kershaw’s Limited Lifetime Warranty does not apply to Kershaw Knife Oil.


Allows for smoother operation
Works to prevent corrosion
SMT (Sub-Micron Technology) absorbs into pores of metals, for an even conditioning
Non-migrating, non-toxic formula
0.4 fl oz (12 mL)
Bottle dimensions: 2.75 x .75 x .75 in.