Hinderer Maximus BFPU Double Edge Dagger Stonewash Black G10



Number 17

Only 25 in this run and they are numbered.

When you get your hands on a Maximus, you will agree immediately that he nailed it. True symmetrical design that the frame totally encapsulates the blade.
Titanium frame with recessed G10 scale overlays for a multi-layer contrast and outstanding grip. The clip can be run on either side of the knife.


Blade Style: Double Dagger Grind
Blade Length: 3.50″
Handle Length:
Overall Length: 8.125″
Blade Thickness: 0.165″
Lockside Thickness:
Liner Thickness:
Overall Handle Thickness: 0.540″
Weight: 4oz
Blade Steel: CMP20CV
Scale Material: G10