Hinderer Investigator Pen Stars and Strips – Aluminum Matte Blue


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This Pen features the New milled stars and strips pattern around the middle of the body of the pen.The pen is hard coated with an anopeen finish 1st then milled to give the contrast of the colors.

Designed and manufactured using state of the art CNC and CAD_CAM technology.
• “Overbuilt” toughness designed to withstand all sorts of punishment
• Course threads used throughout for extra thread height which translates into a very strong tough thread able to take the punishment of everyday hard use.
• Modular design so the user may add a multitude of end attachments to configure the pen however the customer desires.
• Made from Titanium.
• Uses Fisher Space Pen full size refills (pn# SPR4B)
• Anodized Blue.
• Milled with the Flame pattern after being anodized.


3/8” Diameter – Overall Length 4 ¼”